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Prolong Court Cases
The most popular remedy for court cases is the baglamukhi puja. An experienced astrologer uses birth cards for analysing the conditions that is influencing an ongoing legal tussle. Once this is deduced, a plan is formed to benefit the litigation results.

According to astrological statutes, houses three to eight are seen as belonging to defendants while the houses from nine to the second chamber belong to the plaintiff. The lagna is seen as querrent while the seventh house is representative of the opponent. When Lagna Lord is weak the querrent cannot win. Tantric worship of goddess Bagalamukhi comes across as a tested remedy.

The Panchmukhi Hanuman Pujan is also effective in winning court cases. Some individuals also benefit from Mahakali saadhna that open avenues for winning against strong opponents.

Astrologers often recommend wearing a kawach such as the narsingh kawach, vashikaran kawach or hanuman kawach, that help getting favour from legal authorities. Kaalbhairav puja is also a significant role player when it comes to changing the fate in legal disputes.

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